Scentsy Buddy Emmy Awards 2010 gift swag bag

Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Buddy is one of the gifts that was found over the weekend in the 2010 Emmy Awards gift bags. The Scentsy Buddy was found in the gift swag bag given out at the Emmy Awards party which was held in the Tic Tac Luxury Gift Lounge at the SLS Hotel. The Scentsy Buddy is a new product from Fragrance Fashionistas favorite home fragrance, wickless candle maker Scentsy. Emmy award winners, Emmy nominees, stars and celebrities had first glimpse of the Scentsy Buddy before it is available through local Scentsy sales consultants beginning September 1, 2010.
The Scentsy Buddy is a safe and easy way to bring home fragrance into the play areas and bedrooms of small children ages three and up. The Scentsy Buddy will be a small, stuffed animal that can hold any one of Scentsy’s scent paks, which contain food grade scent beads, and fill the room with a fragrant scent.
Children will love the sweet scents that Scentsy Buddies will offer such as Berry Blush, Havana Cabana, Satin Sheets, Black Raspberry, Vanilla Hemingway, Sunkissed Citrus, Camu Camu, Mochadoodle, Sweet Pea and Vanilla, Cucumber Lime, Perfectly Pomegranate, Vanilla Cream, French Lavender, Pima Cotton and Vanilla Suede. Now that Scentsy Buddies will be getting noticed by Celebrities, it should be interesting to watch the popularity of the brand grow. Which celebrity children will have a Scentsy Buddy in his or her playroom?
Scentsy Buddies will be available through local Scentsy sales consultant beginning September 1, 2010. Watch the Emmy Awards tonight to see which celebrities attended the Tic Tac Luxury Gift Lounge at the SLS Hotel when they are interviewed about swag on the red carpet. We will soon find out which Emmy Award winners, Emmy Award Nominees, stars and celebrities picked up their very own Scentsy Buddy from the Tic Tac Luxury Gift Lounge at the SLS Hotel.
The Emmy Awards will appear on NBC tonight at 5pm. The local San Jose NBC affiliate is on channel 3 for cable and channel 11 for air.
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Before You Begin – Take a Reality Check

The trouble with “Financial Freedom” in every home based business is that too many people are mislead to believe that everything is easy.  It is not easy becoming financially stable in most jobs or businesses.
Whether you have a home based business or a retail store, it takes work. The goal is to educate yourself and work smarter not harder. There people who strike gold on the internet after a couple of months, but it is only after having the right guidance and after having the right work ethic.  If you were to talk to people who literally make thousands of dollars a month, and I am not talking about $2000 or $4000 a month, I am talking about people who make $20,000 to $40,000 a month.  If you were to talk to them, they would tell you that they did it by extremely hard work, and that they never gave up.  Since they never gave up, they were able to reach financial freedom.
One of the reasons that so many people fail at home or on the internet is because they give up so easily.  People may say that you can become rich over night, but we all know in our hearts that this is not true.  We know in our hearts that it will take more work.  But so often, people jump around from one program or another, never settling in and focusing their efforts.
If you are using the internet you must be able to drive quality traffic to your website, otherwise you will not be successful in most home based businesses—and that is a solid fact.  Thus, we need to get around the fact that it actually takes work to get an online business off the ground and reach “financial freedom.”  The internet brings excitement and new possibilities, and makes things easier and more convenient as a whole.  After all, you can order most anything online.  The convenience of the internet is staggering, and because of that the internet, if used correctly can bring you wealth.
Lastly, in every home based business you have people or sponsors who promise they will do things for people who join under them and they don’t.  This needs to stop because what comes around goes around.  For those of you looking to start or join home based businesses, talk to your sponsor, take a close look at what the company or products really have to offer, and is the business one you will stay excited about.  And make sure that you have a support team around you.
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New Online Business for Single and Stay-at-Home Moms

La Bella Baskets
Every year millions of people receive gift baskets 
and flowers for birthdays, get well wishes, thank
you, graduations, love and romance, funerals, gifts
for clients, and the list seems endless. This billion
dollar industry is hugely successful because
people recognize the importance of giving gifts that
will please anyone, no matter the relationship or
how well the sender knows the recipient. In
today’s society, gift baskets are also becoming 
more and more popular because they are
“politically correct.” For example, giving flowers to
an employee or a plant to an office staff member
may seem inappropriate or even rather bland, but
a basket of snacks and gourmet treats will make
 the sender a hero the recipients will always remember.
La Bella Baskets is the new kid on the block, a new online gift basket and flower business
that is looking to empower many single and stay at home moms with a new online business
career.  The idea for La Bella Baskets started when a group of successful women 
entrepreneurs realized that many people were not able to pursue their dreams of owning a 
Now you can receive training to become a professional gift basket consultant and help
people with their gifting needs.  No experience is required.  They make the baskets and you 
earn the profits.  La Bella Baskets works to educate, train, and empower their consultants
by providing them with personal mentors and online Internet marketing training.  As a 
consultant you earn a 20%-30% commission on sales and receive a 20% discount on
purchases. Consultants are provided their own individual website courtesy of La Bella for free, 
which offers shoppers 400 affordable gift options.  And here is the great part: consultants do 
not carry an inventory – the entire business operates online. Most single and stay at home 
moms do not have to invest hundreds or even thousands into product inventory. Ask anyone
who is required to carry product and you will immediately find out what a difficulty it is. But
not with La Bella.
In addition La Bella is community minded with a giving heart. A portion of all proceeds goes
to La Bella Baskets’ Baskets of Hope program. Every Month La Bella Baskets will deliver 
single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life a La Bella Basket.
La Bella Baskets are ready to answer any questions you may have. And as they say,
 “Give a Gift Worth Remembering’ – and don’t forget, what you give is a reflection back
 on you – so give the best.

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