Learned something new.

Something that is key to marketing online is to have a web presence which you can’t do without a website. If you are like me, CSS, HTML and all the other acronyms, etc are not that easy to understand for newbies. Someone was kind enough to guide me to a free website builder. The key word is free….here is a link to the site . Anyway, it is very helpful and it really does take you step by step.


Vista Fear

Okay, I decided to order business cards from Vistaprints to promote myself. While ordering the cards, vistaprints offered (for a small fee) a lovely t-shirt which matched my cards. I included the shirt with my order thinking that I can wear it to the gym and do a little self-marketing. The website address on the shirt is www.nicolettestevens.com which is a domain name I own that directs the viewer to my affiliate site. Anyway, why did I suddenly have trepidation about wearing my namesake in public. Remember the name of this blog refers to introverts. The introvert in me began to rear it’s ugly head, thinking what do I say if someone asks me about the site. Duh….isn’t that what a marketer wants…tell them it is an affiliate site and encourage them to visit.

Okay, don’t laugh because all introverts have had these conversations with themselves at one time or another. Continuing on in my adventures.

The Beginning

Wow, I just showed my website to my daughter and she was like “I don’t get it” did you just do this today? Okay, I have been working on how to personalize my search engine, learn the business, get the business set up, watching video after video for three weeks. Why did she just dismiss my efforts. Once I expressed myself, she did apologize.

By the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Nicolette and I am the quintessential introvert who possesses false extrovert tendencies. This means that in order to work a regular job I pretend that I love to meet and greet people to enhance the businesses and income of others. Throughout my life I have loved being alone with my books, journaling or just spending time at home; I like peace. I have also always dreamed of having my own business to enhance my familial legacy.
Network and affiliate marketing has always interested me and I have failed miserably at many of them (Amway, Excel, Avon, MaryKay, etc). Each of those groups taught: friends and family and the three foot rule. Being an introvert trying to use the guidelines; my success was over before it started and I gave up on network marketing.
In the past I have spent so much time on Facebook that I could have been working a part time job. While on Facebook, I met so many people from different cultures and nationalities it was amazing. After much thought, it came to me that if I should be able start an online networking/affiliate marketing business and use that Facebook time for my business. I began searching forums, groups and researching. My goal was to find a business that would not cost a fortune and that the average person could understand, use and promote without the three foot or the friends and family rules. The first group I joined was Global Domains International (GDI) which was free to test drive for the first seven days and a whole $10 per month afterwards.
One thing that always gets to me is why people think that starting a business should cost nothing. To each his own. After starting with GDI I got with my sponsor who helped me with getting my website(s) up and running. He also provided me with a lot of free software and guidance on marketing my business.
Stay tuned for what happens next.
Nicolette (Trevortni – introvert spelled backwards)