My Walk with Sanctuary Girl

Wow, have you heard of Sanctuary Girl?  I learned about this awesome company yesterday and had to join.  As an Introvert trying to improve my walk with Christ; this company stands for growth (mine and theirs).  The company is Black and Christian Owned; I love it!! When viewing the online catalog; their style fits mine to a tee.  

Now, you know that I am a serious Introvert and you probably want to know how can I work a direct sales business?  Strange as it seems; I have had some success in direct sales and other home based businesses.  The income I made from my home based businesses assisted me in providing for my children.  Actually my children helped greatly and both worked in the business.

My first step is to get to know my new company and develop a game plan for marketing.  I am unable to book any current events until after my relocation is finished but will look for any occurring in November. I’ll keep you posted.


Trevortni Writes

Introverts Write

My fellow Introverts; I have a suggestion for you.  Write it down; “it” being all of your thoughts and feelings.  There are so many times our introversion can be overwhelming even if it is just in our head.  When you write it down (or type) it will help the thoughts to solidify into something with which you can possibly work.

Not only am I an Introvert; I also suffer from anxiety and PTSD.  I’m a triple threat; what are you?  Although I often fall off track, journaling has helped a great deal because it is always there and will never let you down.  I roam around my home and find old journals, large and small waiting on me to come back to them.  Sighting them evokes guilt in my negligence of them.  

As I type this entry I reflect back to my childhood in which I obsessed with books and loved to write on the empty pages always at the back of the book. If you are a child of the late 60’s, you know that writing in a book meant you were a rule breaker.  Are you a rule breaker? I was and I still am.  My journaling has now taken on a public reign now that I’m breaking the rules of silence by sharing parts of me.

What’s Next

While in the process of moving on with my life and embracing this lovable Introvert, I decided it was time to update and transform this blog.  Fair warning; this blog is all about  me and my personal and business growth. Having surpassed the half-century mark I have found myself learning how to be selfish.  Any empty nester can relate; the children are all grown and out of the house (possibly for many years). You ask yourself “what’s next” on this journey to transformation.

First step:  Divorce (we’ll talk more about that later).

Second step: Getting in shape.

Third step: Weightloss or should I say step two (a)?

Fourth step: Relocation (Dallas here I come.)

Fifth step:  Stay Tuned…………