New Beginnings

It’s been just over a month since I have relocated to Dallas, TX. This will be the first time I have actually lived inside of the city. I’ve always lived in the suburbs of the big city for the last 28 years. Interior city living is a bit different. Today I was walking my dog along the sidewalk and a homeless man road by and congratulated me, saying there aren’t many of “us” in this area. Hmm, not sure if he meant black people or homeless; let’s hope he mean black people. He was also wrong; the area is very diverse.

Speaking of walking my dog; Lexie has really adjusted to city living. She loves running in the interior hallways and riding in elevators, so happy she has adjusted. Now if I can finish unpacking the many, many boxes so that I can sit in my living room, I will be adjusted. My office is set up enough for me to work and my bedroom is suitable for sleeping only. I’ll get there but hey; it’s my place and I can take my time. One reason that it is going so slowly is that I am purging while unpacking. I never realized how freeing it can be to toss things. I’ve discovered some of my forgotten crafting things and happily built myself some floating picture shelves for my bedroom, painted and blinged a lampshade and a few other things. It was fun and a great stress reliever.

Thanks for reading along with my ramblings. Lexie says hello. I’ll share pics of my shelves a bit later.

Nicky, your favorite Introvert

And It Begins

Today is the start of a new saga in my wonderful introverted world. After almost 30 years; I’m picking up and moving to a new city to begin my new life. Because I work from home I am already focused on creating enforced distractions for myself. Thus far my plans include Introverted Yoga which entails staring at my pilates chair and yoga/pilates DVD’s. Eventually connecting my DVD player and inserting said DVD’s. Next locating my yoga mat, then sitting lotus style while contemplating the pilates chair. This process should take a week or two.

Pilates Chair

While working on my Introverted Yoga, unpacking will commence at a rate of a minimum of three boxes per day. Once I have discovered where I packed by direct sales kit from Sanctuary Girl I will actually try to find some small vendor events for participation. Wish me luck!!

Sanctuary Girl

My Walk with Sanctuary Girl

Wow, have you heard of Sanctuary Girl?  I learned about this awesome company yesterday and had to join.  As an Introvert trying to improve my walk with Christ; this company stands for growth (mine and theirs).  The company is Black and Christian Owned; I love it!! When viewing the online catalog; their style fits mine to a tee.  

Now, you know that I am a serious Introvert and you probably want to know how can I work a direct sales business?  Strange as it seems; I have had some success in direct sales and other home based businesses.  The income I made from my home based businesses assisted me in providing for my children.  Actually my children helped greatly and both worked in the business.

My first step is to get to know my new company and develop a game plan for marketing.  I am unable to book any current events until after my relocation is finished but will look for any occurring in November. I’ll keep you posted.